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Not just a funeral home

Celebrating memories, our family and yours
Wales Bereavement & Mental wellbeing Conference

In 2018 we held our second annual conference, The Wales Bereavement & Mental wellbeing conference. It was the first & the biggest of its kind to be arranged.

We had over 300 guests from all walks of life, including our guests of honour Chief Coroner of the UK Judge Mark Lucraft, Senior coroner of inner west london Chief Coroner of the UK Judge Mark Lucraft, Stephen Doughty MP for Cardiff south, Neil McEvoy AM for Cardiff central, Mark Isherwood AM of north wales (chairman of cross party group of funerals & Bereavement), the chaplaincy managers of prisons in south wales Nick Sandford and Dawn. The conference discussed many topics which everyone found very interesting and educating.

November 2018

Topics included; lack of bereavement services especially for young widows/widowers, suicide intervention and young prison leavers’ mental health concerns. The result was a great education opportunity which helped attendees’ network and build bridges among them.

Dr Fiona Wilcox spoke about the heart breaking tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fires. We were all moved by her touching tributes to those who lost their lives and many were reduced to tears hearing her recount the awful event of that tragic day.

We were joined by other attendees; chief police inspector Mark O'shea and his team, city hospice, cruise, sands, ambulances services, HSBC, schools head teachers, local churches, mosques, temples, Doctors, celebrants, mental health charities.

The result of this conference was a better understanding of the issues our families and the bereaved face. A strategy of how bereavement services should help families who lost someone due to suicide. Many organisations build a better network.

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